Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Will I get a diet plan?

The answer is No, there is no structured diet plan as part of The Members Club as we just don’t agree with that approach.

We do offer you lots of nutritional advice and more importantly, we TEACH you how to eat well for Life, not just 8 weeks.  There is a Nutrition Guide which you can download to support you with your creation of a “lifestyle” as oppose to a diet”.

All women have different circumstances and so one approach does not work for everyone – if it did, there wouldn’t be so many diets out there to purchase. 

We all know that the strict, rigid plans that are based on calorie counting, restrictive choices might work in the short term, but 9/10 times, any weight lost is re-gained once the diet comes to an end.

We want to avoid that yo-yo journey and help you learn how to eat well for life.

We LOVE to talk about food, shop for food, cook food and enjoy food and we want you to fall in love with food too!

Will I need a Gym membership/lots of equipment?

One of the main benefits of The Members Club is that you don’t need a gym membership or lots of equipment at home – which lets face it, often ends up as a clothes horse anyway!

You just need a small space, your own body and a willingness to learn how to effectively train at home.

There are some options to include basic portable equipment into the workouts, but these are optional and aren’t required.


Will I lose weight?

This has got to be the most frequently asked question we get from 99% of our female clients when they start their fitness journey.

The answer is……..if you have got excess “weight” (body fat) to lose, then Yes, you will lose this. However, at The FFA that is not the goal of any of our training programmes.

In the fitness industry currently, there is so much emphasis placed on weight loss alone and these methods promoted to achieve these “extreme transformations” are often highly unrealistic, not maintainable and often extreme and deprivation based.  

We want to change your mindset to look at what you can GAIN from exercise and nutrition rather than focusing on what you can LOSE. When you shift your focus to what you can GAIN from exercise (fitness, energy, better sleep, enjoying food, better sex…) surprisingly, weight loss will happen as a by product if you have excess body fat to lose.  

When weight loss happens as a by product rather than a focused approach, you will find that it is much easier to maintain the lifestyle choices you are making, your relationship with food will improve and you will be more likely to keep any lost “weight” off for life, rather than just till the end of your programme.

Why should I join The Members Club?

As women’s health specialists, we wanted to be able to offer something  that was accessible and affordable as we totally get that 121 PT is a luxury service. 

The Members Club is the place for women to be able to access safe and effective training.  

It is suitable for all ability levels from complete beginner, Injury Rehab to the advanced fitness junkie.

As a specialist provider of women’s health services, our workouts have been designed to have options suitable for Pre & Post Natal women including:

*Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

*Post Natal


Quite often, online workout programmes are often too advanced for most people with a general level of fitness eg asking you to perform hundreds of squat jumps when actually, your regular squat could do with some work.  This kind of training usually leads to injury or prolonged pain that often puts you off exercising again in the future.

If you have struggled to maintain fitness, keep to a healthy weight for health, on and off the latest diet or training programme but not able to sustain it in the long term – then The Members Club is for you.


Is there a contract?

No…..we are busy women ourselves and we totally understand that life sometimes gets in the way and that you might need to pause your membership from time to time.

We made The Members Club flexible so that you can join us on a rolling monthly basis, with the option to cancel at any time without penalties.

You have the flexibility to access The Members Club as and when it suits your lifestyle.  When you pause/cancel, you still get the benefit of being able to access the free content!

We are confident, that even when life throws a curve ball, the workouts and bundles in The Members Club will actually help reduce stress, give you that “me time”, burn off any negative energy and will keep your body and mind positive. 


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