About Us

Today more than ever, we find there are so many brands purely promoting weight loss, whether it be magic pills, detox teas, slimming shakes, crazy cleanses, summer bodies and a whole other range of “chemical sh*t storms” aimed at rapid weight loss.

At The Members Club, we want fitness for life, not just a summer holiday.

If a quick fix, chemically aided “weight loss” programme is what you are looking for – unfortunately, The FFA Members Club is not the place for you.


What WE WILL DO though, is provide you with 4 workouts each month that will help you become stronger and more confident.  

We will educate you on how to make healthy choices with food, without restrictions.  

We will teach you to re-focus your mind away from the torturous task of stepping on the scales each day. Your self-worth is not and should not be defined by those numbers. 


We believe that The FFA Members Club is more than ‘just another fitness craze’, it’s a new way of life and an improved sense of being for strong, independent women.

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